This month’s Featured Geometric Art Piece is titled Centered.

~ There is a center point of stillness within, That place of empowerment to be who we really are, Where inner truth and wisdom await our arrival… ~ 

All of my artwork has something in common: the center point. It’s where I begin every drawing, from the very center of the page, and expand outward from there. It’s meant as a symbol of us as individuals. We all have a center point within that is unique to us, a place where we can return to at any time to be ourselves, to be who we truly are. Where we can settle back into our own truth and wisdom and connect with our own intuition. All of the Geometrics that come through are intended as symbolic metaphors for our own universe within. They serve as a map or journey back to our own center point, a return to the heart. This piece represents that very Center I speak of.

Holding total balance of masculine and feminine energies, gold being masculine, silver being feminine, mirroring the sun and the moon. The earthly red represents grounding into the earth while the gold squares overlapping each other create a strong and stable foundation. The green, the color of healing and the heart, illuminates upward to the heavens in continuous growth while staying rooted and centered within. The numerology of this piece is number 24, which represents family, companionship, relationship and harmony. 

*Offering the original for sale in my shop for a discounted price only for the duration of it’s Featured Month.

May you all ground back into your own center point, to connect with the very heart of your own truth and wisdom within.

Many Blessings and with Love and Gratitude,

~ Anastarr