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~ Journey Home ~

Healing Influences:

  • Chakra: Crown
  • Gemstone: Amethyst
  • Number Vibration 4 and 8: Stability, Balance and Abundance
  • Violet Flame: Spiritual Awareness, Protection, Purification
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~ Journey Home ~

I awaken to a life of self discovery as my true path. I am protected by the violet flame of spiritual purification, maintaining conscious awareness while in communication with my truth. I am the patient out-petalling blossoming lotus of higher guidance, opening to spiritual vitality, centered in the heart of being. Psychological, physical, and spiritual integration unfolds effortlessly when I open with the full spectrum of balance, awake in the knowing of my true self and others as the universal presence of all that is.
I am home.

*This vision holds tremendous meaning and significance. It came to me in meditation while holding an Amethyst crystal. The Amethyst is a stone of spiritual protection and purification. It aids in meditation, helping to still the thoughts and move into higher states of consciousness. The violet flame in the image signifies transformation, burning away anything that no longer serves and acts as a protective shield. The blossoming lotus is the out-petalling of the soul, opening up in the process of spiritual realization. The totality of the image is protected by a constant flow of rhythmic energy, the circle, where there is no beginning or end, only the present moment. The two squares overlapping each other, creating 8 points, signify fundamental support, and balance.  The number 8 also represents the 8 steps in the process of the Mandala, each with their own significance: Purification, Centering, Orientation, Construction, Absorption, Destruction, Reintegration, and Actualization. This is ultimately a visual of protection in the process of spiritual and self realization. During the creation of this drawing, I consistently chanted the sanskrit mantra ‘OM’, and charged it with Amethyst gemstones every day.

*There are 100 Prints total of AWARENESS. All Prints are printed on Quality Giclee Matte Paper to best portray the original detail of the color pencil piece of art. If you prefer a Quality Giclee Canvas Print, or a custom size, please contact me. Thank you!

With Deep Gratitude,

~ Anastarr

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