• All White Organic Cotton Yoga Outfit
  • 95% Organic Cotton, 5% Elastan
  • Eco-Conscious Inks

Healing Influences of METAMORPHOSIS:

  • Chakra: All
  • Gemstone: Quartz Crystal
  • Butterfly: Transformation, Transcendence, Freedom and Joy 
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~ All Truth Comes from the Journey within that Leads to Freedom of Flight ~

I celebrate life’s dance of joy, transformation, movement, and color, conscious of my powerful flowing energy within. I am prepared to look into the mirror of fear, and journey past illusion into the depths of the deepest shadows with strength, courage and power to awaken that which I most need to recognize, honor, integrate and clear. Shedding from the cocoon of darkness, I expand my wings of truth with confidence and begin to take flight into the new light of freedom.

*This vision speaks for itself…  It is my wish for everyone to spiritually Metamorphosize into one’s highest potential and truest self. Staying balanced through center, rising up energetically, sprouting wings of weightless and empowering freedom, and existing as the true beautiful you! Many different cultures, traditions and religions believe the butterfly is a deep and powerful representation of life and also associate it with the soul. I dedicate this Vision to each and every one of you along your journey of life!

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