SOL White Outfit


  • All White Organic Cotton Yoga Outfit
  • 95% Organic Cotton, 5% Elastan
  • Eco-Conscious Inks

Healing Influences of SOL:

  • Chakra: Solar Plexus
  • Gemstone: Citrine
  • Number Vibration 5 and 10: Power, Brilliance and Self-Worth
  • Yellow Flame: Purification, Positivity and Life-Force Energy
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~ Divine Light is Awakened by Inner Joy, Empowering Creativity, Passion and Radiant Enthusiasm for Life ~

“I am a manifested source of divine light energy shining brilliance, excellence and power. I draw on persistent fire within for strength, movement, momentum, action and what creative vision sets in motion to initiate projects on every level. Enthusiasm, excitement, courage, confidence, truth and freedom kindle joyful new light and an empowering perspective of genuinely experiencing the glorious rapture of being ALIVE. As old layers burn away, I am a dancing energetic flame, illuminating and shining in renewed passion for life.”

*Inspired by the Radiant Light of the sun, this vision’s vibrant yellow and gold colors hold the vibration of Empowering Joy and Positive use of Personal Power, Manifestation and Success. It’s subtle hue of magenta symbolizes Harmony and Balance, as well as strengthening Intuition. Amber Sun’s geometry holds the vibration of numbers 5 and 10, 5 representing Excellence, Power, and Brilliance, 10 representing New Beginnings. While burning off old, unwanted patterns, habits or addictions, the image is protected by Active flames, representing Power, Energy, Alertness, and the Renewing Life Force Energy. The crystal the image is associated with is Citrine, carrying the vibration of Success, Positivity, Joy, Prosperity, Will Power and Creativity.

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