White Raven

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~ From Darkness to Light ~ 



~ From Darkness to Light ~

Birthed from Darkness to Light… Honoring this time of deep transformation, individually and collectively. We’re all in this together. 

May we Rise, as better human beings, kinder to ourselves, each other, and to our Mother Earth.

Honoring the 4 directions N~S~E~W, and the 4 elemental symbols, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, White Raven has 20 feathered points, and 20 arrows symbolizing Protection, Direction, Movement, Freedom and Power. The Golden centered ancient and sacred symbol, the Sri Yantra is the ultimate Manifester and Protector.

The Raven, specifically the White Raven, symbolizes Wisdom, Freedom, Divinity, secret Knowledge and Death. As the old world dies off, May we take flight into the New World coming to Light now! May we unite together as One, on this new earthly path of collective Love, Joy and Freedom! Let it be so. Aho.

*There are 100 Prints total of the WHITE RAVEN piece. All Prints are printed on Quality Giclee Matte Paper to best portray the original detail of the original color pencil art piece. If you prefer a Quality Giclee Canvas Print, or a custom size, please contact me and I can make that happen for you! Thank you!

Many Blessings With Love and Gratitude,

~ Anastarr

Additional information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 21 × 3 × 3 in
Print Size

16" x 16", 20" x 20"


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