~ A Dedication to the Divine Feminine, And to the Immense Power of our Truth and Love within ~

This piece was birthed from my own personal reconnection with the womb. I was faced with some physical health challenges of the uterus nearly a year ago, which essentially became a catalyst for much deeper healing, awakening and re-discovery of my true Power. A much different kind of Power than the one I was conditioned to believe. This is a Power that chooses Love over fear, self-acceptance over self-sabotage, truth and freedom over ego thought patterns, equality over separation… A peaceful acceptance beyond anything I had ever experienced before.

She is a very powerful, activated piece, pulsating with extensive meaning. Using mediums of Color Pencil, 24k Gold leaf, Pearl Acrylic paint, and crushed Amethyst Crystal that was gifted to me by a dear Native American elder. This ‘Womben’ piece began from her very center, expanding outward from there, without knowing what form she would take, staying present with what naturally wanted to flow through. A beautiful metaphor of allowing and following our own inner guidance and intuition. There is great wisdom within, it’s up to us to allow it forth, and trusting in it’s truth.

Featured in the very center of this piece is an ancient symbol called the Sri Yantra. Perhaps the most powerful symbol in the ancient language of Sacred Geometry, it’s been used for thousands of years as a mathematically precise design based upon the golden proportion, and phi ratio. There are a total of 9 triangles in this symbol, 5 downward facing, and 4 upward facing. The downward facing triangle represents the feminine, as the upward represents the masculine. Triangles represent the cosmos of the human body, and can be a very powerful visualization tool for healing the body. The Sri Yantra is also considered to be an ultimate symbol for manifestation.

Surrounding and protecting the Sri Yantra are 11 rays of golden light. This is the first time I’ve ever worked with the number 11 in a piece before, it is the number that wanted to come through. 11 is considered a master number, meaning it resonates at a very high frequency. The number 11 represents personal power on a more spiritual level. It is considered the “inner teacher,” and is also known as a number of illumination.

Blossoming in their radiance are a total of 33 flower petals. 33 is another master number representing compassion, blessings, integrity, courage, and guidance. It reminds us that all things are possible. I was guided to work with the color Lavender, which is a color of beauty and femininity. I also later learned that any lavender colored flower is considered delicate and precious.

Genuine 24k Gold is one of my most favorite mediums to work with. Gold is the symbolic color of illumination, courage, passion, magic, joy and the wisdom. It vibrates at a very high frequency and can elevate our energy field, and enhance manifestation of abundance on all levels. It is an extremely powerful element that can raise and uplift one’s vibration to a very high state.

I used crushed Amethyst Crystal in this piece that was gifted to me by a Native American elder I met on sacred lands. I felt to honor her gift by infusing it in with this piece to share with other women. Amethyst crystal is a very spiritually protecting stone of Awakening to our purpose and truth. It vibrates at a very high frequency and is known for raising one’s energy and vibration. It can also be very calming to the nervous system, allowing us to more clearly connect and open the third eye.

The Amethyst is covered by a pearl Acrylic paint. Pearl is a high vibrational color of Purity and Protection. It reflects the full spectrum of color and holds vibration and balance of all color.

‘Womben’ has sold to my beautiful friend and sister Sarah Grace who is offering incredible services to the world, including the work of Tami Lynn Kent, supporting women in healing and releasing trauma and imbalances from the womb. Sarah is also a Somatic therapist and is the founder of a healing center in Ojai, California called Somatic Sanctuary: http://somaticsanctuary.com/

Sarah shared with me, from her own truth and wisdom, something that really resonated. She said, “We all have wombs beloved,  even though we may not all have uterus’s, the womb is an energetic matrix of creation that lives within, the uterus is the organ, the divine mother has given us all a womb…”

Thank you for your beauty, wisdom and radiance you share with the world Sarah <3

May we all blossom in our true Power of Love within, and illuminate our inner Light, Gifts, and Beauty of who we are with the world!

Many Blessings, In Joy and Gratitude,