Bringing the Sacred into Beauty & Artistic Expression

A regenerating, experiential journey that will ignite your senses, awaken your soul,
bring coherence to your mind and reconnect you to the timeless radiance of your inner Being.

Inspired by her innate love for nature, Anastarr specializes in consciously hand crafted
sacred geometric designs, and has creatively fused her passion for both beauty and art here.

Welcome to Anastarr… Sacred Skin, Sacred Art.

Your Beauty is Sacred

Sacred Skin organic creations are inspired by the nourishing beauty and vitality of the inherent geometries that exist in all living nature and graciously resonate with body, mind and spirit to restore & uplift.


Organic & Wild Crafted

Consciously created with dynamic Organic and Wildcrafted, living plant life, our Sacred Skin products are powerfully infused with the restoring and uplifting vibrations of inherent geometries, light, color and unceasing nourishment for our skin, body, mind and spirit.


Artistic Inspiration

Created with intention, inspired by nature. Anastarr’s hand crafted sacred geometrical art designs aim to heighten awareness, inspire presence and empower you back to the center of who you are… Inviting you to experience the communion with your own radiant essence.


“There is a center point of stillness within,
that place of freedom to be who we really are,
where truth and wisdom await our arrival…”



It is our vision and mission to bring consciousness back to beauty.
Welcome yourself back into nature, feed your skin with the organic nourishment it deserves,
and experience yourself regenerating, from skin to soul!

Anastarr… Beauty with Grace.

Love Notes:

“I gifted product to my friend who has acne-prone skin and her skin has already improved in the 3 days she’s been using it. Honestly, you made Magic! I’m already your biggest fan, but these products truly have your beauty and essence in them. So healing, loving and confidence boosting!”

~ Lis

“Our favorite scrub in the universe! Anastarr Sacred Skin is quickly becoming a best seller here!

~ SWHM Boutique

“The best part of being in a cloud of sawdust all day is getting out of the shower and putting on some LUZ Body Lotion. Like creme brûlée after a cold winter’s day!”

~ Lander

“Every time someone uses Anastarr Sacred Skin, they will be getting a dose of Light and Love. So profound and exciting!”

~ Melinda

“Your skincare is next level! Just took a shower. Used the exfoliant (GAIA) and seriously, the smell!! The best I’ve ever tried, felt so good. Then the cleanser (JAI) after, and the smell was unreal and felt great after the exfoliant. Then the milky body cleanser (AHO) made me realize my body needs some love! After the shower, I used the mist (MANA) and just stood there, eyes closed as the smell took me over. I had such a soothing feeling … True story! Then the eye cream (AUM)… nothing but smiles. I’m stoked for you! You’ve created products to be truly proud of! Took me on an experience!”

~ Mike

Inside The Studio

Take a peek inside Anastarr's studio where the sacred artwork is created.

Sacred Beauty

Light infused products and rituals to make  your beauty practices sacred.

Sacred Artwork

View and shop sacred geometric artworks handcrafted with intention in Sedona, AZ.