Sacred Art

How It Began

My name, Anastarr was given to me by my mother who was inspired by its deeper significance  – ANA (pronounced Ahhh-nah) meaning Grace, and STARR signifying Beauty and Light. Hence the slogan and path of creation for my Sacred Skin, Sacred Art brand… Beauty With Grace.

It is a mother-daughter creation of Love and Light that began when, at age 13 my mom took me to India for 4 months to live and work in service in the community of a revered spiritual teacher. It was there I began seeing geometric patterns in moments of silence and have been drawing and creating visions with these sacred designs ever since.

Growing up off grid, in a high forested region of the Rocky Mountains, I’ve always had a deep love and relationship with nature and its life force energy that embraced me. I learned to understand and relate to the geometric patterns found throughout nature in an intimate way that has inspired my hand-drawn artistic expressions.

As I grew, my understanding of the gifts of nature grew under the influence of my mother, a wellness educator and practitioner, who translated her knowledge into skin care formulation and manufacturing. Her roots with spirit and nature ran deep and expressed from a place of science, tradition and intuitive knowing as she created world renowned, magical, healing skin care creations that are found globally in 5-star resort spas and other venues.

I grew up helping mom in her lab, learning along the way, my love of herbs, plant and seed oils, and aromatic essential oils alchemically blended into pure and amazing skin care products was a passion that now has blossomed into ‘Anastarr Sacred Skin’ products – a mother-daughter brand creation and precious gift to share side by side with the energy of sacred art design.

Each Sacred Skin product carries the energy patterned from an individual geometric line drawing on the outer box and label. Inside each box, the product’s energy is enhanced by a sacred design surrounding it that in essence, is believed to enhance inner stillness, harmony and light to our total being, expanding our inner and outer radiance.

Experiencing Sacred Art

When I’m asked about a piece, I invite individuals to be with their own experience as they reflect on the geometric symbols, shapes, colors and reflected Light.  It’s incredibly empowering  when we can tap into our intuitive and true nature in this way and trust in our own depth of experiential resonance.

This is my intention behind the artistic expressions in my life’s work. As I experience the empowerment of my own true inner Being through inner stillness, nature and geometric expression … I wish to share the same to empower others to feel and experience the rapture of being truly alive that springboards from the center point of stillness within!

Sacred Art Pieces


~ Radiant Abundance ~

If you’re ready to call in FULL and RADIANT abundance into your life, this piece is here to Awaken that which is already present inside and available to you Now!

Centered is the Sri Yantra, an ancient geometric symbol with Powerful and Profound meaning! Primarily known as the Supreme Manifester, with the ability to fulfill your highest Vision into form. She is the ultimate creator, in Balance and great Power! Illuminated in a web of 11 Golden rays, a master number of extremely high frequency, symbolizing elevated personal Power, representing the “inner teacher.”

Overall, this piece can assist in heightening your intuition and vibration, breathing more trust, strength and ignition of Power, as well as enhancing prosperity and abundance on all levels!‍

May you live in and as the highest and most abundant life readily available to you NOW!


~ A Living, Activated, Earth Beating Force ~

The elixir of creativity, strength, transmutation, and heightened energy, this piece is intended to elevate the spirit, root the being, and steady the heart to the coherent rhythm of Mother Earth. Transforming stagnancy into inspiration, activating golden rays of creativity, awakening your highest potential, begin to cultivate inner trust, turning lead into Gold, doubt into optimism, and scarcity into Abundance.

This piece holds the frequency of number 12, representing positivity, optimism, and keeping the faith. It is also linked to the ancient Mayan spiritual significance of completion, reaching a higher state of consciousness, experiencing spiritual growth and rebirth. The original art piece is created with color pencil, surrounded by 24k gold leaf, a symbol of great abundance and elevated frequency.

Let this piece Ground you deeper into your being, while simultaneously uplifting you to higher states of consciousness and activating your creative flow to form.


~ Bringing Your Highest Vision to Life ~

A Visionary and symbolic geometric interpretation of an eye, this piece is Alive with razor sharp clarity and focused intention. Vibrating with the number 9, it is symbolic of the discovery and fulfilment of our life’s purpose. A highly spiritual number, 9 is the highest of all the single digit numbers, also making its vibration very high. It reminds us to stay focused on our larger purpose and vision in life.

Beginning with the center pupil, crystalline with black, white, and gold, extending outward in colorful hues of blue, green and purple, symbolic of the heart, throat and crown chakras. Our vision starts in the heart, where a passion is born, then becomes clear in the crown, and comes to life through the throat, forming our vision into words. The colors of Gold and Yellow are significant of our willpower to put our Vision into Action! The Solar Plexus of Power, Illumination, Confidence and Action!

Protected by the 4 outer gates, symbolising the 4 directions and elements, the original art piece has crushed Obsidian and crushed Clear Quartz Crystals. Combining energies of Grounding, Protecting, Purifying and Clarifying.  

May you align with your highest purpose and create your Vision to Life!!


~From Darkness to Light~

Birthed from Darkness to Light... Honoring this time of deep transformation, individually and collectively. May we Rise, as better human beings, kinder to ourselves, each other, and to our Mother Earth. Honoring the 4 directions N~S~E~W, and the 4 elemental symbols, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, White Raven has 20 feathered points, and 20 arrows symbolizing Protection, Direction, Movement, Freedom and Power. The Golden centered ancient and sacred symbol, the Sri Yantra is the ultimate Manifester andProtector.

The Raven, specifically the White Raven, symbolizes Wisdom, Freedom, Divinity, secret Knowledge and Death. As the old world dies off, May we take flight into the New World coming to Light now! May we unite together as One, on this new earthly path of collective Love, Joy and Freedom! Let it be so.  AHO.

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