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Our transforming, powerful dual action exfoliant gel magically refines and renews your skin texture and appearance with a potent fruit enzyme complex that softens dead skin cells and debris trapped in pores, and finely ground bamboo stem resin powder that sweeps it all away with a gentle scrubbing action like magic! A soft, dewy layer of squalene moisture is left behind to soothe and hydrate your renewed skin.

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Which Skin Types? 

For all skin types, but should not be used on hypersensitive or irritated skin.

How to Use

Shake before use, then apply 2-3 pumps to dry, damp or wet skin. Avoid skin close to the eye opening. Applied to dry skin, your microdermabrasion treatment will be more intense. On wet skin, it will feel more slick. Gently massage your skin in circular movements with GAIA for @1 minute. Add water if needed and continue massaging. Rinse well to remove all the bamboo grains. Pat your skin dry and feel your amazing, renewed, soft, moist skin.


• Softer, smoother, more toned skin
• Stimulated circulation brings nutrients, oxygen and moisture to skin’s surface
• Helps decongest congested skin
• Helps to fade skin discolorations and brighten skin
• Softens appearance of fine lines
• Earthy essential oils of Sandalwood, Vetiver and Frankincense facilitate a feeling of calm and centeredness


• For sensitive skin or for a more gentle approach, blend 1 pump of GAIA with1-2 pumps of SRI or JAI cleanser before massaging on skin.
• For a deeper exfoliation, apply 3-4 pumps of GAIA to damp or wet skin and let it remain on your skin for 10-15 minutes. Best is too lie down after applying the GAIA ‘mask’ with a warm-hot damp wash cloth or towel over your face. This will support a more intense action of the fruit enzymes on your skin. After 10-15 minutes, splash water on your face and carry on with massaging GAIA for 1 minute. Rinse well when done.
• Use GAIA to exfoliate back of hands or anywhere on your body.


Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) leaf juice*, Phyllostachis Bambusoides (bamboo) Juice**, Lactobacillus/Arundinaria gigantea (bamboo) Leaf Ferment Filtrate (isoflavones)**, Bambusa arundinacea (bamboo) Stem Powder**, Glycerin*, [Averrhoa carambola (star) fruit extract, Passiflora incarnata (passion) fruit extract, Actinidia chinensis (kiwi) fruit extract, Garcinia mangostana (mangosteen) fruit extract, Ananas sativus (pineapple) fruit extract, Punica granatum (pomegranate) fruit extract, Litchi chinensis (lychee) fruit extract, Zizyphus jujuba (Indian jujube) fruit extract, Psidium guajava (guava) fruit extract, Leuconostoc / Raphanus sativus (radish) root ferment filtrate], Squalane*, Moroccan (rhassoul) Lava clay*, Populus tremuloides (aspen) bark extract**, Boswellia frereana (frankincense) oil*, Santalum paniculatum (sandalwood) oil*, Vetiveria Zizanoides (vetiver) root oil*, Caesalpinia spinosa (Tara seed) gum*, Sodium gluconate**

*Organic or Wildcrafted, **EcoCert / Cosmos Approved

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